Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More on Food Stamps

My favorite local archrival, John Edward, responded to a letter I had written to the Lowell Sun in regard to the rise in food stamp use in Massachusetts. My letter was a shorter version of a previous post on this blog, so I did indeed leave out some of the other explanations for the rise.

I sent in my response to the Sun this morning, so I won't make any more comments until they publish it (or toss it in the trash can).

Update: The Sun printed my response here.

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Anonymous said...

In response to your original post:

A post on a libertarian blog actually criticizes the state for eliminating the inefficient bureaucratic procedure of investigating the assets of LOW INCOME families. I would guess that in the interest of efficient government, and in light of the fact that low income people rarely have assets that would make them ineligible, the state decided to streamline the application process. That is a good thing, as access to food stamps helps towards alleviating hunger and health disparities between children of poor and wealthy families.

Even the insincere attempt at compassionate conservatism in this post sounds dubious. You state that, "the downturn in the business cycle no doubt puts a strain on low income people."

The economic recession has a much more significant impact on the jobless than on people with low incomes. Low income people have low incomes because their wages are too low, for more reasons than I care to discuss. Of course low income people are affected by rising food and fuel prices, but even this liberal knows that the price of commodoties traded on the world market have little to do with an Orwellian phrased, "downturn in the business cycle."

So why then, are more people applying for food stamps? It is the very same reason that the article clearly states. The process is streamlined so more eligible people are applying.

You took a perfectly straghtforward article and turned it into a liberal media conspiracy. Your post reads like Chomsky, except wrong.

No hard feelings, see you around RESD.

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