Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A Crack in the Dam

Today's Boston Globe, citing sources close to the new regulation, hopefully proves my prior judgment of D. Patrick might have come a bit early and been incorrect.

It seems that Patrick is indeed willing to stand up to rent seekers and has taken the first steps to opening up the flagger labor market. Based on the unnamed sources, the "plan, which will be developed by the Massachusetts Highway Department, will delineate when police details should be used and when civilians in bright vests with flags will suffice."

This does not seem to change how municipalities current operate, but as David Tuerck, Director here at BHI states"There's a crack in the dam now... the governor has shown a great deal of political courage in taking this step."

Hopefully this injection of competition will reduce the number of cops that I typically witness on my walk to work who could be put to use preventing crime instead of adding thousands to their annual salary and inflating the state budget.

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