Monday, February 8, 2010

No PLA for new Rockland school project

The Rockland School Building Committee has voted to turn down a request to slap a PLA on a new school project in town.

The Patriot Ledger:
The school building committee had a wealth of information for weighing the pros and cons, Chairman John Rogers said.
“A lot of Rockland people pay taxes and are not in the union; they deserve a crack at a cut of (the project),” said Rogers, who described himself as “not anti-PLA.”
Rogers said he voted in favor of a project labor agreement for redevelopment of the South Weymouth Naval Air Station several years ago, when he was serving on the board overseeing the redevelopment. He believes the school-project circumstances are different.
He said he was concerned about whether the committee would be able to successfully defend itself if it approved a project labor agreement and that approval was challenged in court.
A previous court decision suggests that the court would analyze the complexity, duration and size of the project.
“The cost of legal fees to defend a court challenge was also a consideration for committee members,” Rogers said.
“Union people can still bid on the project,” he said.
More from the Brockton Enterprise.

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