Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Co-hosted Atlas Network event a success; Learning the threats to Mexico's reform movement

Thanks to all those who attended Monday's special event at the Park Plaza Hotel with Armando Regil, the Founding President of the IPEA, Institute of Strategic Thinking Agora in Mexico. Co-hosted with the Atlas Network the event drew more than 25 liberty-minded individuals who heard Regil tell how he established a market-oriented think tank in a virtual one party state of Mexico. Regil's work is hard but he's determined to get reform front and center in Mexico, which has long been plagued with governance problems including the collateral damage of the war on drugs and crony capitalism. Regil's success has been based on his insistence that civil society -- life outside of the State-- be respected and nurtured so that citizens can build the market institutions vital for prosperity. 

We look forward to working with the Atlas Network and the very capable Brittany Cobb,Development and Events Manager in the future.

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