Friday, September 12, 2008

EOT Cost Report

The Executive Office of Transportation and Public Works (EOT) has released its Road Flagger & Police Detail Cost Report & Analysis. The EOT findings include projected cost savings of between $5.7 million and $7.2 million in the first year. This is the money that the police union is working to preserve with the rent-seeking activity exclusive to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

The report leaves out any positive effects private flagging firms would bring as a result of competition. By letting the market set the rate, the Commonwealth could reap the benefits of lower wages.

The EOT Report concludes:
Under the draft road flagger and police detail regulations and the revised traffic management plans, the Commonwealth will realize cost savings through lower hourly rates for road flaggers, efficient use of road flaggers and police details on public works projects, and through greater control over the administration of the traffic management plan.

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