Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Suffolk panel discussion on the federal financial bailout

BOSTON – (October 13, 2008) – To better explain the policy implications of the $700 billion bailout passed recently by Congress, the Department of Economics at Suffolk University will host a panel discussion, titled “The Current Economic Crisis: How Did We Get Here? Where Are We Headed?"

The discussion will take place on Tuesday, October 21 at 1 pm at the C. Walsh Theatre, Suffolk University, 55 Temple Street, Boston.

Confirmed panelists include:
Lynn E. Browne, Executive Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
Kevin M. Cuff, Executive Director, Massachusetts Mortgage Bankers Association
Henry Kim, Associate Professor of Economics, Suffolk University
Jeffrey Miron, Senior Lecturer in Economics and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Harvard University

The hour-long discussion will be moderated by Jonathan Haughton, Professor of Economics, Suffolk University and will be followed by questions from the audience.

The themes to be addressed by the panel include:
•The institutional roots of the crisis: How much is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to blame? What about the Community Reinvestment Act? What about the concern over redlining?
•The economic roots of the crisis: What role did securitization play? Mark to market? The subprime lending craze? The housing bubble? Lack of oversight and regulation?
•The extent and depth of the crisis: Have we reached a bottom? When will we reach a bottom? What are the prospects for a long recession?
•The virtues (or evils) of the bailout: Did we need it? Will it do more harm than good?
•The outlook in the light of the current election season: What will the next administration do?
For more information contact:
Frank Conte, Director of Communications, Beacon Hill Institute, 617-573-8050

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