Friday, October 3, 2008

Police Prevent Workers from Following the Law

This morning Massachusetts Water Resources Authority workers, trained as flaggers, attempted to complete their job of ensuring safety during routine maintenance around a manhole.

Unfortunately, the local police union felt that using their publicly-appointed enforcement to prevent the MWRA workers from completing their job, would also help their private interests. These MWRA workers were reporting to jobs which, thanks to D. Patrick's reform, previously paid Everett officers $42 an hour. After being forced off the site, someone left a bumper sticker on the manhole that said:

"Police Details Save Lives Governor Appointed Flagmen Won’t"
. These are the wrong-headed sentiments or Fevere Capt. James Guido's statement, who also had public road maintenance stopped. A clear cut example of conflict-of-interest.

“Your plan is faulty and we’re not going to allow you to work,”
My question this. If I found a government plan "faulty," say a plan for the union wage to be paid on all state construction sites, and I prevented these workers from preforming their job, what would happen?

Hat Tip: Boston Herald

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